Well hello there!

I'm Andrea. I have good ideas and (most of) the motivation and skills needed to execute those ideas.

I do accomplish things every now and then.

Who I am

The first thing I am is lucky, because the guy pictured with me here is my wonderful and patient husband, who knows everything there is to know about me yet still manages to like me anyway.

I try very hard to be kind, considerate, and at least somewhat fun to be around. Those lofty traits are paired with intense stubbornness and a mouth that runs faster than my brain’s ability to censor it, just to keep things interesting.

More About Me

Why this website exists

Honestly I haven’t totally figured that out yet. For a long time, this domain has been kind of dormant because I focused all my energy on my freelance business. I closed that business several years ago, though, and decided I needed somewhere else to “live” on the internet. Whether I actually do anything with it remains to be seen.

I blogged constantly in my 20s, then kind of got away from it as I went through a number of mini existential crises in my 30s. Will I find something to talk about here? I sure hope so; otherwise I spent a lot of time building this site for nothing.